The first dance of a married couple – an exciting, touching event …

How will it be, the dance that will be remembered by your guests and will remain with you for years of family life? Only the unique story of your love and professionalism of our skilled choreographers will make it a truly wonderful wedding event!

We will help you to prepare the wedding dance of your dream, to make it truly unique and magical, even if you had never take any dancing lesson before. Our target is not just learn you how to dance different steps on music, but to show through the dance the personality of your couple, your character, make your movements be part of the music and music – part of you.
If you have already find your favorite song, we could adjust you music for you, to modify for desired length, rhythm and to connect different parts together. This is the service that we offer to personalize the music for your dancing. If you didn’t find your song yet, we will help you to find one.
Recommended minimum for making a wedding dance will be 5 lessons. After this you will be able to perform a wedding dance, based on dances such as Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz or Rumba. The amount of lessons will vary depending how personalized you would like to make your performance.

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