Quebec Closed Championship – Super Am

t1Quebec Closed Championship, otherwise called Super-Am, is a traditional annual competition. It is not only a competition that determines who are the best dancers in the province of Quebec but also a qualifier for Canadian Amateur Championships, that will be held on March 18 and 19 in Toronto. Best couples from Canadian Championships will have an honor to officially represent Canada in World Championships.
In this competition there were many couples from our studio who experienced something new. At first it is Adamo with Stefania as well as Dima with Priscilla, who competed in youngest juvenile events. Both couples danced their first competition together and if Stefania and Dima had some experience, dancing with other partners, for Adamo and Priscilla it was a first competition in their lives. Both couples did great as they got 1st and 2nd places respectively in their beginners level events.
In junior level Syrus and Sophie made their debut as a new couple together. They danced in Bronze level event and were uncontested in that category.
Our Senior III couple Michael Kim Lim and Sophie Ou competed for the first time in Pre-Championship level and tried themselves in a highest Championship level, and did great job, missing a podium by a little.Lebedev dance Studio at SuperAm 2016

Jonathan Test and Emma Rousseau just started competing in youth age category for 16 years and older. This didn’t stop them from taking a title of Québec Under 21 Champions.
Simon Richard and Adriana Izzo danced well but missed a podium by a little, become 4th in Amateur Championships.
And of course we are really proud for Alexandre Théoret and Annie Lavasseur for taking winning Senior I Championship for the first time.
Now the competition is over but hard work continues, especially for Michael with Sophie, Alexandre with Annie, Jonathan with Emma as well as for Simon with Adriana. These couples will try their best against couples from other provinces at Canadian Championships in 2 weeks. Good luck to you all.