Pro Am at Dansesport Montreal 2016

What is Pro-Am? Pro(stands for Professional)-Am(Amateur) is special category that permit amateur dancer to take part in dance competitions in couple with his/her teacher, and to compete against other amateur dancers in couple with their teachers. Professionals are not being judged in these competitions. There are many advantages of Pro-Am dancing in comparison with dancing with amateur dancer.

First step in dancing is…finding partner. Here is where it gets really tricky. Much more tricky is to find good partner, and hundred times more – find the one whose character “click” with yours in dancing. Last aspect might be really tricky if you came to learn dancing with your partner in live… and it doesn’t work. Solution to all – try Pro-Am.
Second and tremendously important factor is experience. You will be dancing with person who has years of dance competitions experience. Here comes an ability to lead and follow, react to certain situations during performance. As Man as Lady teacher will help with “floor craft” – ability to avoid collisions with other couples. For male teacher as for any male dancers, it is his main responsibility to choose right directions, hesitate on the spot if necessary, or even change figures to redirect movement in free space of the ballroom. Many people believe that lady only follow in couple. Experienced professional lady may be as active, and even more active then man, and thus making dancing incomparably better. With more then 20 years of dancing experience, I may say without hesitation. Great lady dancer makes a great difference.

Pavel Lebedev and Genevieve Pallentier - Pro Am at Dansesport Montreal 2016

Another important point that professional you are dancing with – most of the time is your coach. A coach that will be with you before, during and after your performance. He will be there to establish your goals for competition. He will be there just before your entrance on the dance floor, to prepare you mentally. He will be on the floor to help you recover from any mistakes. In between dance heats, he may give certain advises. Finally, he will be the one who will prepare you for next competition, and he will know a lot on what work needs to be done to improve your dancing, because he was focusing on your dancing all that time.